Diminution Reports

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Diminution Reports

Both Claimant and Defendant


If you have been involved in a RTA (Road Traffic Accident) and the accident is not your fault. Once your vehicle has been repaired, the value of your vehicle may have been reduced due to the repair.

This is called Diminution in value and is a valid head of claim accepted by the Courts.

For example: Two identical vehicles are side by side in a car showroom. One vehicle is in its original condition and the other has had a substantial body repair carried out to it as a result of a RTA.

Question is: Which vehicle would you buy?

Almost everyone would buy the vehicle that has not been involved in an accident.

Any potential purchaser would only show an interest in purchasing the vehicle that had been repaired, with a substantial reduction in price.

This reduction is the amount the vehicle has diminished in value, directly as a result of the accident damaged repairs carried out to the vehicle. No matter how good the quality of the repair.

As experts in this field, we can supply a Diminution report detailing the value of this loss and the reasons why. Making way for a Diminution claim against the At Fault party/Insurer.



Let us review your Diminution claim and advise if the Diminution Claim is a Valid Head of Claim.


Our Expertise in this field maybe able to avoid, or reduce your outlay.


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